VeeDee Kript Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Music Receiver for Car Stereo Supports with Noise Isolator

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  • The EASIEST way to add Bluetooth function to your car stereo system. SIMPLE hands-free solution for answering / receiving phone calls and streaming your personal music from smartphone and tablets
  • Power ON/OFF with engine ignition, AUTOMATICALLY make wireless connection to the last paired smartphone or Bluetooth music device
  • Everything is included. Connect to car stereo via 3.5 mm AUX, package includes FREE 2-Ports USB car charger to charge the receiver, plus one more smartphone or mobile devices
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, up to 10 ft range, supports pairing two smarts devices at once.
  • Noise isolator included for crystal clear sound with calls. Only device in India to have it.
Easier than You Think 
If your car stereo has no Bluetooth function; or if you are wondering how to get your best songs to your car stereo, the VeeDee Kript Bluetooth Car Kit is right for you with its easy installation and intuitive controls. So you can enjoy your personal playlist and favorite podcast inside your car and vehicle. 

Effortless to Use 
Installation is only two connections away: connect to car stereo via 3.5mm AUX port and connect to the included car charger. The VeeDee Car Receiver power ON and OFF with engine ignition. Once ON, it will automatically connect with the last paired device - saving you from manually pair every time. 

Safe for Calling 
Built with a high quality microphone in the receiver unit, when someone is calling while you are driving, simply press the phone call button and speak with both hands on the wheel. Because it comes with 2-Ports USB Car Charger, you can charge your phone and stay connected for longer. 

Bluetooth 4.0 
Latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology let you connect up to two devices. So the passenger can also play her songs without needing to make connection again. Advanced AVRCP profile let you control everything from your device as well as using the control buttons on the receiver - double the convenience. 

Noise Isolation
The USP of this model is the noise isolation chip build in the device. It kills all backgroud noise. The receiver of the call will feel as you are talking next to him. Absolutely no differece. You can even attach on ac grill and still voice will be crystal clear.