Ultra Slim flip case cover Kindle Paperwhite paper white Tablet

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                      Ultra Slim flip case cover Amazon Kindle Paperwhite paper white Tablet 

                                      (Magnetic Lock)(Auto Sleep/Wake up) (Black)

Product Description:

In recent times tablets have revolutionised the field of technology with the level of performance they offer. It is beyond imagination how tablets make corporate duties and domestic entertainment much more interesting. The Ultra Slim flip case cover Amazon Kindle Paperwhite paper white tablet safeguards your tablet, so that you can use it without any worries. The protection and security of the delicate electronic device are ensured by this product, as without these the durability would get adversely affected.


Specifications and Features:


Coming with a black body, this ultra thin tablet cover is made of high quality material and is scratch proof in nature. As the cover is waterproof in nature, one can use the tablet without any worry of it getting damaged by sweat or droplets of water. The cover protects the tab from shocks and accidental falls and adds extra life to the product's durability. The case is equipped with a magnetic lock and the tablet can be used by opening the lock and lifting the upper cover just like a book. This is, indeed, a must buy for tablet owners.

Special Features:

The features of this product are mentioned below:

    • Dust-proof and Waterproof
    • Magnetic Lock
    • Shock Proof
    • Ultra slim body for portabilit