COMFAST® CF-WR302S 300Mbps WiFi Repeater Network Range Expander

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Wifi Extender CF-WR302S  
Share the wifi throughout your home, eliminate dead zones with this WiFi Repeater!  
Do you have a big house but want to cover signal to your upstairs room or to the far end of your basement where there is only weak signal? This Wifi extender is exactly what you need.  

Product Description

COMFAST® CF-WR302S is a WiFi repeater which can use for WiFi signal extender ,It works alongside your router to enhance transfer rates and to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network ,the transport speed can reach up to 300Mbps,built-in Dual realtek chipset,360? WiFi covering ,it's also with dual external 5dBi Antenna,can going through very well and extend WiFi coverage to long distance. By the way it's also a environmentally friendly design,it's stable with low radiation and low power,it's not just a WiFi repeater ,it's also can be a AP who turn wired network to wireless,be a mini router which can use for home,so it's no reason for you to miss it! 




Chipset: RTL8196EU+8192ER * Standard:IEEE802.11n/g/b/n * Antenna Gain:5dBi x 2 * Frequency: 2.4-2.4835GHz * RF power: 17-20dBm(typical) * Data Modulation: DBPSK,DQPSK,CCK,OFDM,16-QAM,64-QAM * Input power:100v-240v AC 


What is it for?  

 This Wifi extender can extend your existing Wifi and creates a stronger signal in hard-to-reach areas.  
How to use it?  
1. Plug this in wall socket  
2. search for the "COMFAST_***" wifi network, click on 'Connect'  
3. Type ip address in the browser bar which will automatically direct to a set up page  
4. Enter password"admin" by default  
5. Click the one that you want to extend and input the password of the wireless network  
6. Wait for the Comfast device to reboot and reconnect to wifi using the new SSID  
7. Then you are ready to use the wifi extender  
Wifi extender---Strong and stable signals  
1.Double Spiral Antennas  
The specially snail tentacle antennas have annual built-in copper antennas, so that zero loss is guaranteed in signal receiving and transmitting. 360-degree wifi coverage is achieved.  
2.Realtek Chipset  
Dual CPU: RTL8192E+RTK8192ER, provides you with the most stable WiFi signal and the fastest speed. Max speed: 300 M/S.  
3 in 1 Function  
Repeater Mode: Extend your existing wifi signals in coverage  
AP mode: Create a wireless network for your laptops and mobile phones  
Router Mode: Creates a private wifi network and enable multiple devices to share it  

Package Contents 
1x 300Mbps portable AP/Repeater -
1x 1M web line - 1x Indian Power Converter -
1x Quick installation guide - 1x Guarantee card 
Comfast has 2 external 5dbi antenna other brands have only 3 dbi external Antenna providing larger coverage