Bluetooth Wireless Audio Music Transmitter and Receiver

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Smof Bluetooth Stereo Audio Transmitter and Receiver 2-in-1 Adapter With 3.5mm Stereo Output for Speakers,Headphone,TV, PC,iPod,MP3/MP4,Car /Home Stereo 

How to use 
You should know which mode you will use before you power it on.If you want to change RX to TX(or TX to RX),you must power it off first and choose the right mode. 
A.Transmitter Mode 
1.Before using the Transmitter mode,you should turn the switcher to the "TX"position. 
2.Power it on the green light will flash quickly and turn on your BT receiver,it will pair automatically 
B. Receiver Mode 
1.Before using the Receiver mode,you should turn the switcher to the "RX"position.Turn on the receiver, the blue and red light will flash quickly. 
2.Turn on the Bluetooth function of your cellphone. 
3.Search the device"Link-BT4821"and connect with it. 
4.Connect the receiver with your speakers or headset by 3.5mm cable. 
5. You can enjoy your music wireless.