VeeDee (2 Phones) Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Audio Receiver Adapter

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Product Description


Bluetooth V4.1 Receiver 

Bluetooth V4.1 Receiver is compatible with car stereo, home stereos, headphones etc. by 3.5mm stereo inlet socket. It features a high quality sound conversion effect and will bring you an enjoyable listening experience. This product is designed with compact size and light weight, made of durable materials, easy for operation and safe to use. If you want to get rid of boring time during a long driving, Breett Bluetooth Receiver is the optimal accessory. 

Function ? Playing your favourite music 
? Connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously 
? Switch to play music between two devices 
? Answering incoming call 
? Rejecting incoming call 
? Redialing the last called number 

- Music or call switching, free and convenience 
- High quality sound conversion effect 
- Super clear conversation effect 
- Connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time 
- Automatically connect to the last connected device 
- Over length receiving distance, up to 30 feet in open space 
- Inner Li-Battery, over length battery working time 
- Wide compatibility 
- Portable and lightweight 

Bluetooth Version: V4.1+ EDR 
Frequency Range: 2.4GHz 
Output Power Category: Class 2 
Bluetooth Range: up to 33 feed (10 meters) 
Electric Voltage: DC 3.3-4.2V 
Power Supply: Inner 250mAh Li-Battery charging via Micro USB port 
Operation Time: up to 6 hours (built-in battery) music playback or continuous with Micro USB charger 
Size: 49 x 25 x 10mm 
Weight: 12.5g