About Us

VeeDee Direct, the No.1 Source for Tablet PCs in India.  Both VeeDee Branded and other Brands available.  VeeDee were the first to introduce Capacitive Touch Screen tablets below Rs.10,000/- in December 2011.

About Veedee: Veedee Enterprises has been in the online ecommerce space along with its sister companies for over 10 years now. We have shipped out over 50,000 products to highly satisfied customers of ebay alone and over 1 lakh products across all ecommerce platforms. Veedee has been importing and marketing quality products at affordable prices since the Year 2006. All products are imported under the Veedee IEC code. We do not use 3rd party importers. All products are imported after extentsive sampling and testing followed by factory visits to acertain proper quality control standards are followed and maintained. Only the highest quality products get the Veedee Branding.

Veedee Enterprises has been started by dynamic enterpreneur Devesh Tanna who has 20 years + experience in retailing.  Starting with a gift store under the Archies Gallery Franchise now the business has grown in importing and distribution of products across India. We have launched our own brand called Veedee in December 2011

The simple philosophy behind the VeeDee brand is "Why Pay More?"  In the current market, latest technology gadgets are phenomenally over priced or unbranded of shoddy quality with no warranty whatsoever.  VeeDee steps in this vaccum with products with the highest quality with unmatched support at prices which will make you smile.

Is VeeDee going to be the cheapest in the market?  No, giving the best product at the cheapest price make you a Kingfisher (airline).  VeeDee will offer the best prices of the products it sells, however there will be no compromise on quality or service.  Expect the Best, always.